Plugging in and letting loose

Magnus Strandvik is a Finnish guitarist born in 1972. At a young age he started playing violin and piano, acquiring skills that he still uses as a music educator. He studied classical guitar for 8 years until focusing on the most expressive instrument of all – the electric guitar. Magnus graduated from Sibelius Academy, the Music University in Helsinki, Finland, with an M.A. in Music.

Scandinavian guitarmagnus

Magnus is a fan of sounds both acoustic end electric.

”Some people have the ability to put sounds together in the most incredible way” says Magnus. ”This is when sound becomes more than moving air, when it becomes music - a celebration of life! Music has to move you, and my influences are guitarists who play with passion and intensity. To me, it doesn’t get more intense than Jake E Lee or Warren DeMartini. Still, my all time favourites would be Scandinavian guitarists like John Norum and Ronni Le Tekro. Celebrating all things Scandinavian, I had that quality in mind for the opening track on my CD."

Far Eastern influence

Magnus is the guitarist and songwriter in Thailand-based group Baptized in Bangkok. The band plays melodic hardrock with an 80's feel.

While working in Thailand, Magnus had the opportunity to study with the great Jack Thammarat. http://www.jackthammarat.net/